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About My NaviTour

Our Mission, Goals, & Values

Our primary purpose is to connect travelers with a local experiential Guide who will provide a more meaningful travel experience. 

Our Guides’ missions, goals, and values are important to us as well. We want to support them in discovering, pursuing, and sharing their own whys. 

Our guide mission

To provide livable wage jobs to local people that allow them to share their wisdom, passion and knowledge about topics that are meaningful to them with people who are interested in learning more.

Our guest mission

Exposing travelers to local cultures, people and traditions that will enrich their lives with memories they will cherish forever benefiting the planet with the compassion and empathy of “world citizens”.

Make A Real Change In Someone’s Life

We are proud members of JUST Capital. Their mission is to build an economy that works for all Americans by helping companies improve how they serve all their stakeholders – workers, customers, communities, the environment, and shareholders. They believe that business and markets can and must be a greater force for good, and that by shifting the resources of the $19 trillion private sector, we can address systemic issues at scale, including income inequality and lack of opportunity.

Our Platform

Our all-in-one platform is under development! A convenient way to explore, customized to any budget, interests, and physical capacities. Safe, simple, fun, and easy to share the experiences via social media or once back at home.


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