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Our Mission

Our primary purpose is to connect travelers with a local experiential Guide who will provide a more meaningful travel experience.

Our guide mission

To provide livable wage jobs to local people that allow them to share their wisdom, passion and knowledge about topics that are meaningful to them with people who are interested in learning more.

Our guest mission

Exposing travelers to local cultures, people and traditions that will enrich their lives with memories they will cherish forever benefiting the planet with the compassion and empathy of “world citizens”.

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Whether sharing your knowledge or testing an experience we need you to build the comprehensive, community-based, all-inclusive platform that makes it easy to introduce travelers to local guides, and for local guides to build their businesses.

How We are Different

Worldwide Network

Get connected with a passionate local guide anywhere on the planet.

Inclusive Profiles

You will be able to book with a guide that fits your preferred personality traits to feel comfortable.

Inclusive Culture

Find unique tour experiences of all kinds no matter your interest, or feel safe stepping out of your comfort zone.

Trusted Community

Shared feedback allows for unfiltered guide insights and encourage tour updates.

Continuous Support

 Account managers make sure guides and guest have the best interactions.

Professional Prices & Wage

Competitive prices and fairly compensated guides make for an even better experience for everyone.

Why Travelers

Need NaviTour

Travel is tempting and, for many, a little terrifying. Whether we travel for adventure, culture, to see the sights or watch the people, we all want to explore our interests, at our pace and capabilities, within our means. We want to feel safe and confident. We don’t want to miss the boat, make expensive mistakes, be oversold or overwhelmed with information. We want to have fun, make memories and share them easily.

We need a plan, but we don’t always know where to begin.

With local guides and curated content, this is no longer a worry.

Our Platform

Our all-in-one platform is under development! A convenient way to explore, customized to any budget, interests, and physical capacities. Safe, simple, fun, and easy to share the experiences via social media or once back at home.

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